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What is?

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Aloud Sound Company is an events & promotions team serving Indianapolis and all counties in the state of Indiana. Let's make some noise!

Aloud Sound Company unites your message, mission and members by: 

  • Transmitting your message loud & clear.

  • Engaging your team.

  • Coordinating every aspect of your event.

Aloud Sound Company services include event coordination & promotion, signage & merch, booking, sponsorship, vendors & catering and stage & sound. 

Aloud Sound Company serves as a supplementary event coordination, booking management agency and promotional vehicle for organizations, musicians, festivals and events.

What do we do?

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Aloud Sound Company unites

every aspect of your event and organizes every details!


Press releases, posters & posts!

On the ground, on the air

hot-off-the-press and online!


Choose from 100s of performers! Aloud Sound coordinates all the details from performer selection to performance! 


Support your event with well-aligned vendors!


From delivery to set-up & sound,

the stage is set! 

Alcohol sales!

A branded beer garden!

Garner 100% of alcohol sales! 


Sponsors, donors, oh my! Raise your funding efforts with Aloud Sound Company! 


Aloud Sound Company engages your team, your community, your volunteers and your attendees to actively support your mission and message!  

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 featured clients & partners 

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Our team consists of bandmates and cohorts, Heather and Chad. Heather's experience includes launching the inaugural Carmel Jazz Fest, managing booking coordination for the City of Carmel and City of Westfield, hosting radio programs on 93.5/96.7 MAX and 102.5 WMDH, serving as a local newspaper reporter and running a variety of music venues.

Heather has a degree in Magazine Journalism; 

the root of music promotions. 

Chad was a regular in the

Memphis Blues Scene

for 15 years and leads

Aloud Sound's ground operations. 

Who is?

Aloud Sound Company

Thanks for contacting Aloud Sound Company!

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