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Aloud Sound Music Lessons 

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Aloud Sound Company unites every aspect of your event. 


Press releases, posters & posts! On the ground, on the air hot-off-the-press and online!


Choose from 100s of performers. The right sound 


From delivery to set-up & sound, the stage is set! 

Alcohol sales!

A branded booth! Garner 100% of alcohol sales! 


Our agent ensures your event is insured! 


Our agent ensures your event is insured! 


Our agent ensures your event is insured! 


Our agent ensures your event is insured! 


Aloud Sound Music Lessons 

An exploratory music program focused on accessing the love of music and

innate, natural music capabilities musical superpowers! Boom! Pow! Zap!

Fill out our zippy submission form below to inquire or sign-up. 

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button above to inquire or sign-up.

You'll be taken to our zippy Google Form. 

Aloud Sound 
Music Lessons

How do I sign-up?

Fill out the zippy submission form (above) to inquire or sign-up. An Aloud Sound rep will get right back with you via our studio text line. Once we make contact, we'll send you the registration form via email, set-up your schedule, assign an instructor and you're ready to blast off and make a loud sound! 

What is the monthly tuition price? 

We're currently offering an introductory tuition rate of $125/month

(vs. the regular rate of $150) for the four 30-minute lessons per month on a weekly schedule. You're locked into the special rate for as long as you take music lessons. As we launch, the registration fee is currently waived for everyone. The program also includes free access to recitals, community events and discounts on supplemental programs. 

How is the tuition billed?

The tuition is billed on a monthly basis. The tuition typically automatically processes on the 1st of each month with the payment method on file. Alternatively, tuition can be paid via check or recurring invoice. 

Please make checks payable to Aloud Sound Company, LLC. 

What is the discontinuation policy?

Please give Aloud Sound a 21-day head's up that you'd like to stop lessons. This discontinuation policy is in place for several reasons, including processing, accounting and scheduling. All lessons are month-to-month with a 30-day notice of discontinuation. 

I'm an adult. Can I take lessons?

Definitely! Our programs are geared for all ages and all levels of music adventure.


Can I explore other instruments?

Definitely! Our exploratory music program is exploratory! 

What about recitals?

Aloud Sound hosts quarterly music recitals at Second Story Lounge 

(located across the hall!). Music recitals are free for students, family and friends to attend. Students learn the ins-and-outs of music promotion and performance through our recitals. Enjoy the performances and the wonderful, farm-to-table menu at Second Story Lounge - an amazing local music venue! 

Can I leave during my child's lesson?

Please stay in the building during your child's music lessons. The building hub contains a great, local restaurant and venue (Second Story Lounge - view menu) and an authentic grocery store located downstairs (The Downtown Farm Stand - learn more). We highly recommend utilizing The Downtown Farm Stand's grocery pick-up services - order online, have a music lesson and grab your groceries in one swoop! 


How can I hear about workshops and band programs?

Once registered as a student, you'll receive regular newsletter containing information about our supplemental exploratory programs, including workshops and band opportunities. 

What is Second Story Lounge?

Second Story Lounge is the awesome music venue and farm-to-table restaurant located across the hallway from Aloud Sound Headquarters. The all-ages restaurant and venue has live music every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 

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